Product Licensing

Picture1 pharma provides a SINGLE POINT of contact for Central and Eastern Europe, covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, a pharmaceutical market currently valued at 7 billion USD.

Prague, CZ, serves as The HUB covering:


  • Financial and Customer Services
  • Logistics / Warehousing / Distribution
  • Regulatory / Compliance / Pharmacovigilance

elva pharma offers a low risk profile for partners:

• elva covers Customer Service and Accounts Receivables management, reducing risk exposure
• elva cover FX exposure
• elva has a “big pharma” understanding of regulation compliance that encourages sustainable long-term success


elva pharma s.r.o., Dr. Janského 599, 252 28 Černošice, Czech Republic,
+420 725 469 468,